Know Why Outlook 2010 Cannot Open Links Windows 7 and How to Fix it

Outlook 2010 is latest series of email-client application launched by Microsoft. It is immediate successor of Outlook 2007 and comes equipped with latest and astonishing features that let you perform your tasks successfully. Although, it comprises of sophisticated features and functionalities but still not untouched with corruption and error issues. Even after using the latest series of Outlook, users faces several types of problematic situations and gets panic. Most of the users have reported that Outlook 2010 cannot open links in Windows 7.

While working on MS Outlook 2010 you might have experience a situation when you unable to open the links present in your email. Occurrences of error messages are quite common in earlier versions of Outlook but this advanced series also faces such kind of situations. Several Outlook users are getting problem while opening any link in Windows 7. Users are have reported that they can easily send or receive emails but when time comes to open any link then they fails to do so and come across below error messages.

"Unable to program is registered to open this file. An OLE registration error has occured. The program is not correctly installed. Run Setup again for program" appears."

“Not implemented," or have a null response, or suggest "If this problem persists reinstall Outlook."


Some of the Outlook users also gets error like : "this operation has been canceled due to restriction in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator".

After getting such kinds of errors users really get disturbed as they fails to open any important links present in their emails and also don't find any option to fix the issue. Actually, Outlook 2010 cannot open links in Windows 7 when you use any different browser other than IE7.

So, in order to fix this issue it is necessary that you should set Internet Explorer 7 as your default browser which can be done as follows:

  • Go to Start then Default Programs and then select "Set Program Access" and "Computer Defaults"
  • Then after choose default browser option and select "Internet Explorer" as default one
  • Close both Internet Explorer and MS Outlook and then reopen them

  • After setting IE7 as default browser you will be able to fix the issue but if again you are getting similar problem then it might be possible that you have got damaged emails and pst files. So, it is essential that you should delete corrupt emails and repair damaged pst files using Outlook PST Repair Software. The software safely repair the corruption and fix the issue.